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SPX Processes for High Quality Dairy Desserts

Within the dairy industry, making high quality desserts can be one of the more challenging applications. Fresh desserts make up the vast majority of the market with consumers demanding the associated quality and taste.

In order to create long-life dairy desserts that satisfy consumers’ demands, production costs are higher because specialized machinery and costly ingredients must be used. There are three main process steps involved in producing non-cooked, fresh dairy desserts: mixing, sterilization and storage. SPX offers innovative solutions to ensure efficiency in each of these areas.

SPX’s complete process solutions cover all areas of dairy dessert production and include additional process steps such as cooling, whipping and cooking. Increased production flexibility allows for the cost-effective production of many different types of desserts. Varieties include rice or semolina puddings, mousse and cooked desserts such as crème brûlée.

Whether it is a specific product or a complete turnkey solution, SPX strives to ensure the dairy dessert production process is reliable, flexible and efficient, producing only top-quality end products.

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